Twinning between the San Sebastian Human Rigths Festival and FISAHARA

The purpose of this agreement is to develop joint initiatives...

San Sebastián and the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic have gone a step further in their friendship and commitment to defending Human Rights with a new joining of forces, this time through film.

The Mayor of San Sebastián, Odón Elorza, the RASD (Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic) Minister of Culture, Mrs. Jadiya Hamdi, and CEAS (Spanish Coordinator of Associations in Solidarity with the Saharawi People), Josu Ozcoz, have signed a twinning agreement between the San Sebastián Human Rights Festival and the FISAHARA.  

The purpose of this agreement is to develop joint initiatives between both festivals with a view to strengthening relations, backing the cause of the Saharawi people, and raising international public awareness of human rights violations, particularly those suffered by the exiled Saharawi people.

Under this agreement, the San Sebastián Human Rights Festival will advise, publicise and back the FISAHARA, not only on its programme and communication platforms, but by helping exhibitions, films and news related to the Western Sahara and its Festival to become known the world over.

It will therefore promote knowledge of the only festival in the world organised in a refugee camp, specifically in Tindouf (Algeria), through the Human Rights Film Network (HRFN). San Sebastián Human Rights Festival, organised by San Sebastián City Council and Donostia Kultura, is the only human rights festival in Spain to belong to this international umbrella network for the major human rights film festivals.

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Jadiya Hamdi, Odón Elorza and Josu Ozcoz


Furthermore, one of the sections of the Documentation Centre and film archive at the House of Peace and Human Rights in Aiete will be itinerant in nature and dedicated to the Western Sahara.

Collaboration with the Abidin Kaid Audiovisual Training Centre, in the refugee camps, will be strengthened with backing in the shape of audiovisual material, help with the publishing of catalogues and training to increase the job-finding possibilities of young Saharawi men and women. This agreement will also serve to help preserve and disseminate the Saharawi cultural heritage, Spanish as a second language and the participation of Saharawi productions in film festivals at the camps and abroad.

Efforts will also be made to foster the presence of Basque film actors, actresses and directors, something which is increasingly more common at the FISAHARA Festival, as an element helping to raise awareness and attract greater media attention.

For its part, the FISAHARA will do everything it can to ensure that the objectives of this agreement can go ahead.

The agreement will remain in place until December 2013, with the intention of yearly renewal from then on. To ensure appropriate monitoring and control of the agreement, a Monitoring Committee has been set up consisting of two representatives of the signatory parties.


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